And the Color of the Year is.....

Radiant Orchid!!!

The color of the year is something that we as designers and everyday people know about. It may not be something that you actively look for, or passively for that matter, but it is something that we all see in the world of fashion and in design. 

Pantone has selected Radiant Orchid as the color of the year for 2014 and there are many reasons why. When thinking of this color, the first ideas that come to mind are the pure bold and unique aspects of this color. Not to mention its feminine flare. It inspires those who see it and wear it want to do more, to be active, and be unique and to be bold themselves. Having this color in your home and work spaces can inspire creativity and bring a richness to a project that might otherwise been missed. This color is one that can be worn, or draped over almost anyone or anything as long as you have the confidence, and will surely be incorporated into the newest design and fashion trends all over the world, and has already had a great start in doing so.

 This color can also be seen as a staying piece of a space when looking for more permanent uses. By using this color as an accent piece you can bring it in and give it a home that it will not outlast its welcome. With using tiles that have the color accented into the pieces or creating unique pattern that has this colored highlighted can bring that pop to any space.

To paraphrase what Meryl Streep says in The Devil Wears Prada

No mater how hard you try to run from the trends and the industry, you are in fact wearing and enjoying the colors that were selected by the very people you do not want to become.

Now not meaning to sound too harsh but there is truth to that, the colors that you use now or later have a reason that there are products produced with them, so why fight it? They are great colors anyway!!!